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Caravel Boccole

Boccole – BRASS / RUBBER – bearings for ship propeller shafts.


Best Italian bearings on the market. Caravel bearings are made of top quality materials and are among the best and highest quality bearings in the world. The outer part is made of brass or bronze, and the inner surface is covered with vulcanized rubber NBR. Sleeve and tires are carefully glued and tested in laboratoriju Shape. The dimensions and the number of channels for lubrication are made in accordance with a precise mathematical and mechanical principles.


Caravel bearings quickly and easily be replaced and installed. They are ideal for control and limitation of noise and vibration which is important for the preservation of their own propeller shaft, and at industrial applications where it often happens that the rotation of the body is not perfectly balanced, and the need for high precision. Inside the tire is strong enough to keep the shaft from damage, and laboratory studies have shown that no vibrations can not reach the outside of the bearings.

Caravel Bearings are coming in different sizes from the smallest to:

  • Max dimensions –
    • shaft diameter 600 mm
    • length 2.000 mm
    • weight 2.500 Kg
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