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Hella marine

We are authorized dealers and representatives for top nautical brand Hella marine for the Croatian Republic.

Hella Marine products are certainly the most innovative products in their area that they cover. They have all kinds of global certifications for its products

Hella marine LED lights came with 5 years warranty, they are completely sealed with IP67 tehnology, UV protected, etc. In their class they have the best light and power consumption ratio.

The lights are designed with the vision of the company itself, which is a world product that will set benchmarks for quality, reliability, safety and energy efficiency while at the same time meeting customer expectations for outstanding service and support.
The slogan for nautical lighting is “Fit and Forget” which would mean that once you mount a light, you can forget that you will have problems with it because long-term reliability is ensured.

Hella Marine offers a wide range of products such as navigation lights, navigation lights, interior and exterior lighting, built-in lighting, reflectors, fans, switches, bulbs and various other consumables.

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