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Parker Racor

Successfully agreed dealership with the renowned manufacturer of filters and separators Parker Racor.

Parker Racor – is one of the highest quality manufacturers in the marine segment, and their filters are one of the best products in the world in their area of use. They are one the most innovative products, which are recognized by the profession and are the winners of many awards.
All Parker Racor products are easy to install and replace. They provide all spare parts and equipment for their products (filters, cartridges,…).
Some of the products are separator, filter, spin on filter, CCV systems, filter cartridges, filtration systems, exhaust and internal gas exhaust systems, …

Product category

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Why choose an original Parker Racor product?

Some benefits of purchasing an original product that customers can count on are:

  • Quality and attest
  • Qualified products and materials
  • Correct work efficiency and durability
  • Up to 70% longer life
  • The company worth $13 billion (consistent existence of product/service)
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