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Rule bilge pumps, floats, switches, blowers, …

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We are authorized distributor for Rule pumps and accessories, from Xylem Group. They are world leaders for bilge pumps. Their pumps are in the forefront of innovations and serve as a model for making all the other bilge pumps.

Rule submersible pumps have set standards in the industry for decades. They are the first choice for yachtsmen and fishermens around the world. Continuous innovations in bilge pumps lead to the rule that any other manufacturer will copy their product. They are proud to offer the widest range of submersible pumps in the world.

The Rule pumps have a very wide application and are used for water drainage on boats, swimming pools, basements, garages, and secondary facilities.

M.A.G.-D.D. as a general dealer of these bilge pumps has very large number of products in the warehouse.

Non-automatic bilge pumps

Pumps for Pools

Manual pump

Rule – a – Matic switch

Lopro pumps for small spaces

Automatic bilge pumps

Computerized pumps

Shower box

Rule – Mate Automatic bilge pumps

Blowers – In line for engine spaces

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