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Tecnoseal anodes

We are proud to announce that we have became the distributors of the Italian brand Tecnoseal well known for their anodes, and on our shelves you can find large quantities of their anodes. Tescnoseal has the largest range of anodes in the world. Their sales activity extends to the area of 91 states, and all anodes are developed in Italy under the watchful eye of an expert.

Zinc anodes, aluminum anodes, magnesium anodes

In this segment Tecnoseal is the best brand on the market. All anodes are made in 3 variants, so we have: aluminum anodes, zinc anodes, magnesium anodes

Anodes for outboard and inboard motors

In their anodes catalog, the widest range of zinc protectors in the world has been featured with more than 1,000 anodes and more than 3,000 made to measure. The products in the catalog are always available, and if you have special requirements and / or your anodes does not exist in the catalog, the same can be produced on request.

Zinc anodes disc

Zinc Anodes in the form of disc of different sizes:

– small disc anodes for rudders and trim tabs,

– large disc anodes for hull and transom

Almost always on a stock we have small zinc disc – Ø50 – Ø140, and large – Ø130-Ø152. Other disc dimensions, if we do not have it on stock we are in a position to be able to get it in the shortest possible time.

cink anoda tanjuric

Zinc anodes plates

Zinc anodes in the form of plates of different sizes and different weight for rudders and trim tabs.

Zinc protectors come in a variety of shapes so that you can find anodes in cubic and rectangular shape, teardrop shape, oval shape of different sizes for different types of rudders and trims.

cink anoda plocice

Zinc anodes Shaft and Prop

Zinc anodes in the shape of a cap and a nuts for shaft and propellers.

In the state of cone and hexagonal caps as well as nuts of different threads. All anodes come in different sizes.


Zinc anodes Bracelet and Collar

Zinc anodes in the shape of a bracelet and collar for shafts or Prop in different dimensions and shapes. </ Strong> </ p>
On the stock we have a large selection of anodes from smallest to really large dimensions.


Anodes Mercury

All Mercury – Mercruiser anodes are manufactured in Tecnoseal plants. Tecnoseal produces all kinds of anodes for your Mercury – Mercruiser engines.

anode za mercury

Anodes Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta anodes of all types and dimensions are also manufactured in Tecnoseal plants. Among the most used zinc anodes we stand out two-part and one-part for saildrive, and anode in the kit for the complete replacement of your downtrodent anodes.

anode volvo penta

Anodes Yamaha

In the largest product catalog of zinc anodes on the market you can find anodes for Yamaha engines, whether it’s inboard or outboard engines.


Anodes Yanmar

Large choice of anodes for Yanmar engines, of which we stand out one-piece and two-piece anodes for saildrive.


Cink Protector – ECO Friendly

All aluminum and magnesium anodes carry the label “CADMIUM-FREE”. </ Strong>

Tecnoseal used only carefully selected and high quality materials in conjunction with the “European REACH regulations”. They compliance with stringent security standards in manufacturing with day-to-day checks and inspections of the equipment, all in order to reach the end user with the most successful product. </ Strong>

Products that do not meet these terms and conditions have already begun to be banned in some states.


The above mentioned brands are just some of our brand range galvanizing protection anodes. Check the catalog and make sure that Tecnoseal is the quality you need for your lovely vessels. </ Strong>
Tecnoseal manufactured anodes for the most prestigious brands such as Azimut, Benetti, Beneteau, Yanmar, Selva, Castoldi, Alamarin Jet, ZF, Sunseeker, Seadoo, BMW, BRP (OMC, Johnson, Envirude) Mercury, Parsun, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Torqueedo, etc.

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