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VDO marine

VDO marine is another top brand that you can find on our shelves. Their instruments are among the most famous instruments in the world and you can find it in vessels, cars, trucks, etc.

VDO marine offers solutions for all types of vessels (boats, yachts, sailboats).
As the more demanding products are, the more important is to rely on a partner that provides reliable and quality solutions. They constantly invests in the quality of its products and innovations so every year new instruments are based on the latest technologies. All nautical instruments are precise, have a diverse and attractive design. That allows the instruments to fit perfectly into the interior of each ship.

VDO marine products differ by production series:

  • Aqualink instruments – multiscreen
  • Oceanlink instruments – analog instruments, digital instruments
  • Viewline instrumenti – analog instruments, digital instruments

Among VDO marine products you can find thermometers, speed gauges, water pressure gauges, oil, fuel float, water floater, black tanker, temperature transmitter, oil pressure transmitter, etc.

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